[ Why MWI? ]


Our goal is always the same:  Great interior design that enhances your brand.

We understand that your focus is your bottom line.  Our focus is finding solutions to enhance your bottom line:  how your space enhances your brand, how your clients relate to and interact with that space, and how your space increases your employees’ productivity.

That’s it.

That’s all we do.

It’s our passion.


You have confidence that every detail of your project is overseen by MWI’s Creative Director.

Jewell Woods is a Georgia-Licensed Interior Designer, License No. ID000839 and is a National Qualifications for Interior Design (NCIDQ) Certified Designer, Certificate No. 30024 and holds a BFA in Interior Design Studio.

Every design we give meets the current Life Safety, International Building Code, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards as well as any and all design and construction standards set by the local AHJ and our clients.